House Rules
King Henry Apartments is an exciting place to live, to make new friends, and to get the very most out of your college living days. In an effort to promote harmony and courtesy in your relationships with others, we suggest that you read and follow these House Rules with a spirit of patience and kindness toward others as you seek to make  lasting friends and happy memories at King Henry. 

As challenges arise, we recommend the wisdom expressed in Proverbs 15:1, “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.”  

In order to facilitate the best living environment for all, the following House Rules which apply to all King Henry Residents and their guests.
  1. BYU OFF-CAMPUS POLICIES ARE APPLICABLE.  The CES Honor Code, the BYU Student Housing Policy, and the BYU Dress and Grooming Standards apply to all Residents and their guests at all times while on the King Henry Apartment premises.
  2. PETS. King Henry Apartments is a “pet free” residential student housing facility.  Pets are not permitted on the King Henry premises, especially in apartments and in the Clubhouse, at any time, including visiting pets.  Feeding of stray cats or dogs is strictly prohibited.
  3. OVERNIGHT GUESTS.  After August 13, 2022, no overnight guests are permitted at King Henry Apartments.
  4. KEYS (KEY FOBS).  Resident safety and security are enhanced by each Resident employing common sense security practices, including proper care and use of door keys or key fobs, assuring that apartment exterior doors are locked at all times, that window locks are functioning and utilized, and that lost or missing door keys are immediately reported to King Henry office personnel.  All lost keys must be reported to the King Henry Office immediately so that the locks may be reprogrammed; Residents are responsible for any damages that may be incurred due to losing their keys.  For lost keys, a $25 apartment key replacement charge and a $5 mailbox key replacement charge will be added to a Resident’s ledger.
  5. QUIET HOURS.  Quiet Hours are between the hours of 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., except that on Friday nights they are between midnight and 8 a.m.  During these time periods noise or activity levels that create an unreasonable annoyance to those occupying nearby apartments or homes are prohibited.
  6. GUESTS.  In order to facilitate full use of King Henry’s amenities by its current Residents, the following restrictions apply to all persons (“Guests”) visiting King Henry Apartments:
    1. A maximum of one (1) Guest at any one time per Host Resident is allowed to use King Henry amenities, including the pool, spa, exercise equipment, basketball and volleyball courts, etc.
    2. Each Guest must be personally accompanied by his or her Host Resident at all times while using King Henry amenities.
    3. All Guests must comply with the CES Honor Code and the BYU Dress and Grooming Standards while on King Henry premises.
    4. No persons of the opposite sex, including Guests, are allowed in a Resident’s apartment bedroom at any time.
    5. Overnight Guests are not permitted at King Henry Apartments after August 13, 2022.
  7. ENDANGERMENT TO OTHERS.   Activities that endanger others are not permitted on the King Henry Apartments premises.  Throwing snowballs, engaging in water fights, possessing or using fireworks, throwing people in the pool, etc. are prohibited.  No tenant or Guest is permitted on any roof at any time for any reason.

  8. PORCH AREAS.  Each Resident must keep the porch area in front of his or her apartment clean, tidy, free of trip hazards, and free of any impediments to passage.  Porches must not be used for storage of furniture or any other items, or for parking of vehicles such as motorcycles or electric scooters, etc.  Couches or love seats may not be placed and used on porches, even temporarily.  If items are left on the porch they will be assumed abandoned and are subject to removal and disposal by King Henry at Resident’s expense.  Under some circumstances bicycles may be kept on porches so long as they do not present a safety hazard, impede foot traffic, damage railings or buildings, etc. as provided for in the BYU Student Landlord Agreement Addendum.

  9. AUTOMOBILE/MOTORCYCLE/BIKE PARKING.  For safety purposes and to prevent damages to persons and property, no riding or parking of motorcycles, mopeds, electric scooters or electric bicycles, or automobiles is permitted on any lawn area, in front of apartments, or on sidewalks.   Motorcycles and mopeds must be parked in designated parking stalls only and must conspicuously display a current King Henry parking sticker as directed.  Any violation may result in such vehicle(s) being booted or towed at vehicle owner’s expense.  Bikes, mopeds, electric scooters, motorcycles, tires, or any vehicle parts or fluids are prohibited inside apartments at all times.  A free bike or scooter sticker may be obtained in the King Henry office.  Please park bikes in designated areas.  No repairing or maintenance of any vehicle, including automobiles, mopeds or motorcycles, is allowed on the King Henry premises.  NO INOPERABLE VEHICLES are allowed on the premises at any time; such vehicles may be towed without notice at the vehicle owner’s expense.

  10. TRASH REMOVAL.  Residents are responsible to place all apartment refuse and trash in the dumpsters.  Trash, in bags or otherwise, must not be left on porches (for more than a brief moment), but must be carried to a dumpster and deposited therein.  Apartment trash emitting odors shall not be accumulated in an apartment, but taken directly to and deposited in a dumpster.  For the benefit of all, please take pride in the appearance of your apartment home and in the entire King Henry complex.  Residents shall not place large articles, such as furniture, for trash removal and Residents shall make alternate arrangements with a private disposal service to pick up such items at Residents’ expense. Boxes should be broken down before disposal.  Residents shall not dispose of hazardous materials in any dumpster or other location at King Henry Apartments.  Resident shall only dispose of refuse in compliance with applicable laws.

  11. WINDOWS/SCREENS.  Removal of window screens from apartment windows is prohibited, except during window cleaning when removal is done carefully and screens are promptly, properly, and carefully reinstalled.  If you need assistance in removing or replacing a window screen for cleaning purposes, please contact the King Henry Maintenance Department, the King Henry Office, or the King Henry RAs.  In the event that you are locked out of your apartment, please contact the RAs for assistance rather than removing a screen.  Bent and missing screens are expensive to repair or replace, therefore repair charges will made to an offending Resident or apartment in the event of damage from misuse or unauthorized removal.

  12. REMODELING/EXTRA FURNISHINGS.  Residents are not allowed to perform remodeling of any kind in a King Henry apartment, including painting, papering, hanging lights, affixing or hanging fluorescent stars or anything else on or from ceilings, hanging an excessive number of objects on walls, or the like.  Such remodeling is prohibited whether done Resident or by a third party at Resident’s direction.  Adding personal furnishings or other than small counter-top appliances in addition to those supplied by King Henry is prohibited without prior written consent of the King Henry On-Site Manager.  No Resident is authorized to perform any apartment repairs himself or herself, but should promptly notify King Henry of needed repairs by completing a Work Order therefore through the Resident Portal, or by contacting the King Henry office or Maintenance Department directly.  King Henry’s standard is to complete all repairs within 24 hours of notification, if not the same day, unless parts must be ordered.

  13. LAWN & GARDEN SPRINKLERS.  First floor (garden level) apartment residents should keep windows closed between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. to help prevent water from irrigation sprinklers damaging the apartment interior.

  14. STORED PROPERTY/ABANDONED PROPERTY.  Any property left in any apartment by a resident after he or she moves out will be discarded in accordance with Utah law.  Any property left in the storage closets will be removed (1) day after the last day of the paid contract and dealt with in accordance with Utah law.  Please label all items in storage with your name, apartment number, cell phone number, etc.  Bikes left on the premises after the end of your contract period will deemed abandoned, and will be removed and discarded.

  15. LOST/STOLEN ARTICLES.  King Henry is not responsible for articles lost, stolen from, or damaged on the premises or in the laundry facilities.  It is required that each Resident living at King Henry Apartments procure and maintain throughout that Resident’s occupancy a Renters Insurance Policy providing a minimum of $100,000.00 liability coverage and naming King Henry Apartments as having an “additional interest.” [See Addendum for details]

  16. POSTING FLYERS.  To help prevent clutter on the premises as well as uninvited intrusion on private property such as vehicles, Resident is not authorized to distribute advertising, information, or any other type of flyer, door-to-door, on cars, anywhere else in the building or throughout the King Henry Apartments premises, except on the bulletin board at the entrance to the King Henry laundry room.

  17. PACKAGE DELIVERY.  To prevent clutter, tripping hazards, and potential liability issues, and to help minimize delays to Residents in receiving their packages, King Henry does not accept package deliveries for Residents.  In the event a Resident desires to receive delivery of packages while residing at King Henry Apartments, Resident must arrange with the package sender for such delivery to be made directly to Resident at his or her apartment, rather than to the King Henry Clubhouse or King Henry Office in the Clubhouse.  This applies to all package deliveries, including packages and deliveries from the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, Federal Express, Amazon, food delivery services, florists, or other service industries.  Landlord shall have no liability or responsibility for packages delivered to the office or Clubhouse in violation of this policy.  Resident agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold Landlord harmless from and against any and all claims or damages related to packages addressed to Resident which are delivered to the Clubhouse or Landlord’s office.  Resident acknowledges that Landlord and Landlord’s representatives are not required to sign for any delivery addressed to Resident, nor to notify Resident when packages are delivered to the Clubhouse or Landlord’s office.  Resident shall not arrange for delivery of packages to Resident prior to that Resident having checked in and actually occupying his or her King Henry apartment.

  18. FINAL CHECK OUT.  Each Resident must arrange with the King Henry Office to complete a formal check-out at the end of each contract period.  This requirement applies even if a Resident is staying on for a subsequent contract term.  Please refer to your Welcome Packet or contact the office for details
Once again we thank you for choosing King Henry Apartments for your home while attending BYU.

We are glad you are here!