2021 Check-in Instructions

Year Round 2021/22 check-in will begin on Monday, August 23 from 9 am to 5 pm.

Hello Future King Henry Residents!  We look forward to having you join us this upcoming year and providing you excellent customer service, great accommodations, and a fantastic college living experience

e would like to help streamline your check-in to get you moved in to your apartment as quickly as possible. Please read through each of the steps, and make sure you have completed all of them BEFORE you come to check in on August 23rd, 2021.  You are welcome to check in on August 23rd from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and any day after that during normal office hours (10:30 AM to 5:00 PM).  If you come to the window with unfinished steps, we won't be able to help you and will ask you to go to the back of the line.  The lines can be very long on check-in day, so please make sure you have everything completed beforehand.

Steps to Complete Prior to Check-In Day:

  1. Upload a picture of yourself to your resident portal.
    • You are required to upload a picture of yourself to your Resident Portal. This is our reference so we know who you are! If you experience any issues and aren't able to upload a picture, you are welcome to email it to [email protected] and we will upload it for you.
  2. Pay your first month's rent, internet, property-wide utilities installment, and parking pass fee (if applicable).
    • Log into your resident portal and pre-pay your first month's rent amount, plus the $10 internet fee, $9.50 property-wide utilities installment, and parking pass described below if you are bringing a car to King Henry.  You are also welcome to send us a check in the mail with your name and apartment number on the memo line.  If you are not sure of your rent amount, check the confirmation email sent to you at the time your contract was finalized.
    • If you are planning on getting a regular or reserved parking pass, please prepay the $60 charge, and make sure to bring your car registration with you on check-in day.  (General parking pass is $60/year, and the reserved parking pass is $60/month.)  We will be sending out an email in the future about reserved parking passes. If you would like one, please respond to that email immediately. If we have more people that want a private parking pass than spots available, we will enter your name into a raffle and draw them randomly.
    • In summary, the total amount you need to pay before check-in day will be your monthly rent amount + monthly internet fee ($10) + monthly property-wide utilities installment ($9.50) + parking pass fee ($60 if applicable).  This will show up as a credit in your account until your first month's rent is charged to your account.
  3. Set up your renter's insurance with provider of your choice (listing King Henry Apartments as an 'additional INTEREST') and submit proof of renters insurance to the King Henry office.
    • Renter's Insurance is now required at King Henry Apartments. Renter’s Insurance policies are relatively inexpensive and available from licensed insurance agents and companies licensed to do business in Utah (such as Allstate, Farmer’s, Geico, USAA, State Farm, etc.).  You may also be able to get an addition on your parents’ homeowner’s insurance policy that will give you the necessary renter’s insurance. 
    • The insurance policy must be in a minimum liability amount of $100,000, and any amount you choose for your personal belongings (property).   King Henry is not an insurance agent and does not sell renter’s insurance.  We will send out further insurance information prior to the check-in date.
    • Submit proof of renters insurance by uploading your Insurance Certificate to your Resident Portal, emailing it to [email protected], or by bringing a copy with you when you check-in.  Make sure the certificate shows at least $100,000 liability coverage and names King Henry Apartments as an “additional INTEREST."
Please make sure you have completed ALL these tasks before you arrive to check-in! The lines can be very long on check-in day, and you will have other paperwork to complete while waiting in line.  If you do not have one or more of these tasks completed, we will have to send you to the back of the line.

Please note that there are NO early check-ins, no exceptions.

Thank you for choosing King Henry Apartments!


Suggested Items to Bring to Your Apartment:

Our apartments are considered “furnished,” however there are some items that we do not furnish and that you will likely need to make your stay here more comfortable. The following is a list of suggested items to bring.

  • Linens, blankets, pillows, mattress pad for your bed
  • Microwave-safe dishes, pots, pans, and other cookware you will need
  • Utensils for cooking and eating
  • Small appliances such as toasters or can openers
  • Dish cloths, washcloths, towels, hot pads, etc.
  • Garbage cans for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Shower curtain
  • First aid supplies
  • Personal toiletries
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Entertainment equipment (TV, radio, stereo, DVD player, etc.)
  • Laundry basket
  • Alarm clock
  • Bike and bike lock (bikes are not allowed in the apartments)

What NOT to Bring:

  • Weapons: firearms, swords, etc
  • State and community laws prohibit fireworks or other explosives / flammable materials in the apartments.
  • Small appliances and space heaters are not allowed in the bedrooms.
  • Incense, candles, or any other type of open flame are not allowed in the apartments.
  • Pets (excluding fish in a ten-gallon tank only) are not allowed in the apartments.


There is regular free bus service to the BYU campus and other free bus service to the UVU campus.  Parking is limited in Provo and many of our Residents find out they really don’t need a car.  We suggest that unless you absolutely need a car in Provo, you consider saving the hassle and expense by not bringing car.